BIM Services

Project Costing

SteelTech effectively uses 3D Models from different building trade into Cost Management software’s so as to produce cost data. A complete rate analysis is performed using 3D element data thus ensuring accuracy of results. This is unlike traditional way of producing cost data. Developing certainty in cost, design and buildability reduces risk and creates better projects with sustainable profits.

3D design creates certainty in what is being built by using parametric modeling technologies and software that present project information dynamically. 4D adds the element of time to a model and assembles the project delivery timeline and the 5th Dimension, or 5D, is all about cost.

At SteelTech we do utilize traditional cost methodologies and use them into advanced BIM software’s (5D Cost Planning) thus, we take traditional Quantity Surveying to the next level. We provide assistance to projects at any phase of their development from Concept Design through to Construction and beyond. SteelTech provided 5D Cost planning services throughout below construction stages.

  • Concept Design Phase
  • Detailed Design Phase
  • Procurement Phase
  • Construction Phase

SteelTech works in integration with Architects and rest Engineering Consultants to provide cost certainty by setting a cost strategy that generates efficiencies, time and cost savings, plus greater transparency and trust amongst all project partners. SteelTech Cost Management services directly benefits to,

  • Builders & Developers
  • Architects, (External & In-house)
  • Project Managers, Project Management Consultants
  • Contractors and Sub Contractors
  • Owners and Occupiers
  • Facility Management Companies

SteelTech applies,

  • Practical construction experience, practices
  • BIM Software Expertise