BIM Solutions

Steel Manager: An Integrated Solution for the Steel Industry

VVTW-Steel Manager is Structural & Coldform Steel Workflow Solution that links Engineering and Detailing of Steel Structural Systems with Project Management, Material Resource Planning and Production Management into one integrated process, supports BIM Workflow thereby eliminating the inefficiencies that come with having to manage projects across various software used in the steel delivery process. Steel Manager has got the ability to integrate with the detailing software like Tekla Structures, BoCAD, SDS/2 as well as AutoCAD while one can integrate drawings in PDF as well. In a single integrated modular solution

From the data issued by the drawings coming from any CAD system, the Steel Manager solution will be able to retrieve all the necessary information’s for the execution of any kind of steel structure project: residential, shopping malls, power plants, offshore platforms, transmission towers, PEB structure, tanks, bridges, stadiums. The Steel Manager system is able to manage the data for a complete automated fabrication process, setup along with the customer’s specificities (CNC machines, solutions used…) :

  • Routing of all actions through your workshop extended with time estimations, reporting and full traceability
  • Return of information’s and project progress management on 3D model
  • Complete material management solution : bar and plate nesting, stock control and procurement
  • Complete control of all your different CNC machines (no brand restriction)
  • Complete control of your deliveries, shipping lists, transport resources
  • Complete welding quality information and inspection system, including CE EN1090 norms

In a single integrated modular solution, it offers all of the following:

  • Steel Manager (3D Model Based Project Management)
  • Master Scheduler
  • Production Process Manager
  • CNC Management
  • Stock Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Material optimizer Beams-Plates
  • Shipment Manager
  • Quality / Welding Manager
  • Management Information

Steel Manager is modular with a view to increasing speed, quality and management efficiency of the steel constructor. The nerve centre of the system is composed of the bill of material (B.O.M.) and the geometrical data of this bill. The parameterization of Steel Manager guarantees that each organisation feels perfectly at home within this IT-solution.

Furthermore, with its modular approach, customers have the advantage and the possibility to grow with each change in the organisation of the company. Many steel constructors have already switched to CAD and CNC-machines. 

Steel Manager is the logical software link between CAD and CNC for the entire work preparation. In short, Steel Manager is the pounding heart of your company, it receives information and passes it on to related systems.
Amongst our clients we count both small companies with a few employees and large steel constructors with over 1000 employees.

Key features of Steel Manager

  • Integration with BIM CAD systems, direct import from the available steel detailing CAD systems.
  • Easy import and manual entry of BOM with automatic geometry definition.
  • Automated allocation and routing around the workshop according to the individual fabrication facilities.
  • Time assessment and workload calculation per operation node and period.
  • Integrated stock management with material traceability and off-cut management.
  • Material optimization for beams and plates with material use registration.
  • Central management of all machines including NC code generation.
  • Welding quality management system for managing project welds and welders

Cost Savings Opportunities:

  • Substantial cost savings can be made by optimizing all design-detailing, shop and site processes
  • Develop optimized routines for reduced time for processing
  • Achieving Materials efficiency in all operations
  • More opportunities for getting it right first time
  • Brining in production and process efficiency
  • Interdepartmental data sharing and seamless data exchange

Time Savings Opportunities

  • Substantial time savings can be achieved through simple to use automated interfaces
  • Effective usage of BIM data avoiding recreating/re-entering of data
  • Achieve almost 100% accuracy. Reduce costly errors
  • Integrate your systems & Access data instantly
  • Automation throughout process saving considerable time