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6D - The aspect of Life Cycle Management (owner/FM)

6D BIM model contains the room elements, such as room name, number, and space type connected with asset information such as manufacturer, model numbers, serial numbers, and any operations and maintenance requirements. So instead of the encyclopedia set of three-ring binders at the end of the project, you can give the Owner a 6D BIM model complete with all the information their facilities' team needs.

6D BIM, an acronym for 6D Building Information Modeling and a term widely used in the Construction industry, refers to the intelligent linking of individual 3D CAD components or assemblies with all aspects of project life-cycle management information. The 6D model is usually delivered to the owner, when a construction project is ready to be closed-out. The "As-Built" BIM model is populated with all relevant building component information such as product data and details, maintenance/operation manuals, cut sheet specifications, photos, warranty data, web links to product online sources, manufacturer information and contacts, etc. This information-centric database is made globally accessible to the users/owners through a customized proprietary secure web-based environment. The accuracy of 6D BIM aids facilities managers in the operation and maintenance of the facility throughout its life cycle