Steel Detailing : Major benefits of the "SteelTech BIM Services & Solutions"

SteelTech Engineers has implemented advanced BIM (Building Information Modeling) capabilities of Tekla modeling software with our skilled and experienced team since 1999. With this software, we create a highly accurate, scaled virtual Model of the structure which is data rich with all relevant Information necessary for procurement, fabrication & erection of every steel component in your structure.

We have an in-house, dedicated Steel Modellers, Detailers, Checker, Tekla Structures Development team who use their technical expertise and knowledge of the program to maximize efficiencies and productivity. SteelTechTeam customize Tekla’s output, such as drawing outputs (Erection Sheets, Assembly and Fitting/Single Part drawings), project status reports and various other custom reports, to meet and often exceed our client’s requirements and expectations.

SteelTech’s Management and Key team combines the talents and resources of several prominent organizations like Bechtel Corp., L & T , Tekla Corp., and HCC. Many of our staff members have worked on projects of Toyo, Tecnimont SPA, L & T Group, IBI Chematur, Reliance Industries Ltd., Petrofac, Uhde- ThyssenKrupp, Mumbai Metro, Thermax, Sandvik, HCC, Essar, and Tata Consulting Engineers. Our experienced teams have worked in both imperial (North American) and metric standards. SteelTech teams work complies with AISC ASD, CISC and OSHA standards and we consult closely with clients to ensure that we adhere to their detailing standards. We have highly proficient professionals who have expertise in Tekla, SDS2 and AutoCAD software. Our team has multiple years’ experience of North American Jobs and few of them were for Schuff Steel, Promart Industries, Cives Steel NY, Optimum Steel, Little Steel, Arthur Louis Steel, Marysville Steel, TWI - TrussWorks International, Inc.

SteelTech Steel Detailing Services Deliverables

  • Advanced B.O.Q for procurement from Model
  • General Arrangement Drawings / Erection Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings / Single Part Drawings / Erection Drawings
  • Assembly List , Part List , Weld List , Bolt List (Field)
  • Output for CNC Machines , DSTV Files for Cutting & Drilling and DXF files for Plate work
  • Total Surface Area for Painting. C.O.G. Reports for assemblies
  • Segregation / Phasing of Model / Assemblies and part as per erection sequences and priorities
  • Any type of reports needed from planning, fabrication and erection point of view
  • 3D Model, which can be viewed in free BIM Views such as Tekla BIMSight, Solibri Viewer OR Navisworks Freedom
  • C.O.G points in picturesque format
  • RFI communication thru commenting on actual 3D model using ” Model Reviewer”, which helps to clear RFI’s faster and easily as you will be using same model to comment.
  • Erection sequences thru 3D model by colour coding of Members / Assemblies.

SteelTech has provided 3D Model (BIM) Based Steel Detailing Services
for below construction projects

Industrial Structures

  • Structural Steelwork
  • Technological Structures
  • Equipment Support Structures
  • Pipe/Cable Racks
  • Equipment & Access Platforms
  • Trusses/Girder, Canopies
  • Structural Steel Frames
  • Material Handling System
  • Material Handling System
  • Ladders/Staircase/Handrail

Power Plants

  • Main Plant Building
  • Bunker Bay
  • T.G.Bay
  • Pipe Racks (Multilevel)
  • Coal/Ash Handling System
  • Silos/Hopper/Conveyor
  • Chimney
  • Technological Structures
  • Piping Support
  • Ladders/Staircase/Handrail

Process Plants / Refineries

  • Reformers and Ducting
  • Fired and CCR Heaters
  • CDU
  • VDU
  • DCU
  • Pipe Racks & Tech Structures

PEB / MB Detailing / Warehouse

  • 3D Modeling
  • Accurate Detailing
  • CNC Input

Public / Recreational / Commercial

  • School, Colleges & Churches
  • Railway-Metro Stations
  • High rise buildings
  • Commercial & Office Buildings
  • Hostel & Hospital Buildings
  • Steel/Pedestrian Bridges
  • Stadiums, Exhibition, Theatres Conference & Convention Centres
  • Aircraft Terminals, Hangers
  • Motor Vehicle Plants

SteelTech's Steel Detailing Projects

BIM (Building Information Modeling) A New Way of working

BIM is a new way of doing things. It is not just another CAD application to draw lines on a page or a 3D rendering tool to produce impressive images. It directly addresses the Pitfalls & Inefficiencies of Current production Systems, where Multiple Documents are produced in multiple Applications. All these documents require Manual Coordination and Excessive Checking. This process is Labour Intensive, Costly, Time Consuming, Prone to Human Error and results in Reduced Quality Documentation which exposes the project to increased risk and Liability.

BIM is intelligent 3D object based modelling, as opposed to traditional 2D line based drawing. A virtual model of your building is assembled from building components, each with embedded information about their function, material, size and finish. Through the design process, you continually add more levels of information to the model, ensuring that your design intent is carried through to each stage of a project.

SteelTech has unique approach to construction planning, detailing & documentation. SteelTech deliverables are based on Virtual Construction, which is termed as Building Information Model (BIM). BIM saves time, increases the accuracy of drawings and documents and ultimately saves project costs.

SteelTech's BIM (Building Information Modeling) Services

  • Structural BIM
  • Architectural BIM
  • Project Management
  • Infrastructure BIM