Welcome to SteelTech


At SteelTech we ensure to focus primarily on understanding the clients' requirements and expectations, which allows SteelTech to implement procedures and processes tailored to suit both the project and the client. To continue our success and growth it is necessary for the company to deliver the highest standard product and business conduct. Our Quality Management System assists in achieving our goal of maintaining zero rework during fabrication and construction, ensuring traceability and consistency through the project lifecycle. Accuracy is critical for Building Information Modelling and BIM Drafting Services applies this strategy for all projects regardless of the 3D models downstream involvement.

Below are some of key factors that govern quality achievement.
  • BIM Leadership
  • SteelTech Engineers is committed to deliver revolutionizing benefits of BIM (Building Information Modelling) services to Construction Industry. Our mission is to develop and utilize the most up-to-date BIM based information technology solutions & service deliverables in the field of Building Construction and Infrastructure Projects. We have the right minds behind achieving our goal who are highly skilled, credible, visionary and proven their leadership in industry over the years.

  • Right BIM Resources
  • We truly understand the value of right, experienced and skilled resources that also have inclination towards learning and using advanced technologies and methods. We have professional team of, engineers, architects, BIM software professionals that are well versed with all the latest technical innovations available. Their deep knowledge about building construction standards maintained round the globe, and their experience in working with 3D modeling frames helps with the speedy completion and delivery of work. SteelTech team is capable of maintaining uninterrupted communication with our clients. We have adopted sophisticated technology and practical delivery mechanism to ensure fast turnaround times.

  • BIM Methodology & Quality Procedure
  • SteelTech has set BIM QC standards in-house in the line of addressing global and domestic quality needs. In addition to this, we have our own set of quality standards, which are strictly maintained in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2000 standard. Our adherence to quality standards wins reinforces the faith of our clients and potential clients. The QC Team is led by an experienced QC manager who has vast global and domestic experience who continuously monitors QC thru well defined operational process and same is being recorded for further use and analysis.

  • Technology & Training
  • SteelTech management team comes from software background as well as industry background who has practical understanding of necessity of training and a need of continues training with the advancements in software and process. Our BIM team ensures to stay ahead in competition by utilising the BIM tool to its best and fullest extent. This also ensures on time delivery of outputs while adhering to quality requirements at the same time.

  • Right BIM Tools/Software
  • BIM deliverables are finally produced and levered thru BIM tools/software; hence we do carefully and practically chose our BIM tools. Our BIM Software experts who have both software and practical experience defines the use of specific tool based on BIM scope to be delivered, type of projects, clients organisational structure and requirements. Furthermore our BIM Experts do customisation to address specific domestic or global requirements. We do evaluate BIM products on below criteria’s.

    • Overall functionality & its match in our BIM Methodology developed for our client/project.
    • Possibility of project and client localization and customization
    • Accuracy of outputs, interfaces with other BIM Software’s
    • Ease of use, Domestic Training & Support facility
    • Future development plan for BIM Product/Software