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4D BIM provides construction project visualization, CPM scheduling, supply chain management, cost management, risk management, interoperability with 3D CAD and industry standard project management software all focused on virtual construction engineering simulation. 4D BIM enables construction product development, collaborative and transparent project implementation, partnering with the supply chain and production of components. It is in keeping with Sir John's vision with 4D BIM as part of the delivery process that "sustained improvement should then be delivered through use of techniques for eliminating waste and increasing value for the customer.

Time has always been an important factor of any construction project since the dawn of civilization. In early ninety's Henry Laurence Gantt developed the first bars charts commonly referred to as gantt charts and in mid ninety's CPM was introduced to the world. With the introduction and revolution of BIM – Building Information Modeling since early 2000, the next significant innovation in the evolution of construction scheduling has been 4D BIM. 4D BIM provides a visual 3D CAD design that is integrated with the CPM construction schedule; the 4th dimension of time is added to the model. The end result is a virtual construction simulation that can provide detailed insight that was never before possible