BIM Services

MEP Coordination Services

Effectively managing the MEP Coordination of any project is critical to the effective use of Building Information Modeling. This involves the proper communication and coordination of all MEP building subcontractors and trades that are responsible for the design and installation of their respective systems into the building structure itself. Upon all MEP designs being created in 3D models, the coordination process provides the ability to address and correct spatial issues in a 3D environment prior to construction and installation.
SteelTech’s skilled MEP team provides services like 3S MP Model creations, Coordinating using 3D Models, Identifying clashes between multiple building trades and resolve them, providing spatially coordinated building services drawings for MEP engineers and MEP building services contractors for construction and engineering projects.The production of fully coordinated 3D MEP services models is essential in today’s construction industry, enabling the professional and construction team to validate, optimize and coordinate design information within a virtual environment. 3D coordinated service models bring significant improvements to the installation process, improving the transition between design and construction.

BIM Based MEP Coordination Services Benefits:
  • Improved coordination of services through the production of a coordinated, clash free, virtual model. Usage of “To Be Built” model onsite.
  • Enables the early identification and rectification of coordination issues, resulting in the reduction of installation time and costs
  • Reduces waste and man-hours by reducing the requirement for site-based modifications/variations
  • Provides functionality for the automated generation of Quantity take offs/Bill of Materials (BOMs) enabling more accurate data management and extraction
  • Supports the manufacturing and fabrication processes through the integration of manufacturing, estimating and scheduling technology
  • Supports the off-site manufacturing/modularisation process improving the efficiency of on-site service installation
  • Improves the quality, detail and accuracy of construction documentation
BIM Based Coordination Process Steps
  • Identify the Potential Uses of 3D Models
  • Identify the Modeling Requirements
  • Establish the Drawing Protocol
  • Establish a Conflict Resolution Process
  • Develop a Protocol for Addressing Design Questions
  • Develop Discipline‐specific 3D Models
  • Integrate Discipline‐specific 3D Models
  • Identify Conflicts between Systems
  • Develop Solutions for the Conflicts Identified.
  • Document Conflicts and Solutions so as to be used further on site
Use of Advanced BIM Tools for Coordination & Communication.

BIM works on the basis of collaboration in construction. In this environment, all stakeholders in the construction process including Owner/Developer, Project Managers, Consultants, Contractors, Sub-contractors and Facilities Management, have access to the same design, cost and scheduling information at the same time.
SteelTech deploys the most advanced yet practical BIM tools for addressing coordination and communication. SteelTech ensures to customize these tools and the deliverables to customer and project specific requirements. This ensures that our customer finds it easy to use and efficient at the same time. While SteelTech deploys BIM tools like NavisWorks*, we also effectively and efficiently use Solibri*. Solibri can be effectively used to locate flaws and exceptions in models made by different design teams. Avoid expensive rework by knowing both models match. Solibri provides dedicated functionalities to communicate and coordinate with various project stakeholders.

SteelTech’s MEP Coordination Services include
  • 3D Mechanical Elements Modelling
  • 3D Plumbing Modelling
  • 3D Electrical Modelling
    • Clash Detection & Resolution Services CDR Reports (Project team’s review, Approvals and incorporation in model). Model based resolution (For discrepancies).
    • Project Coordination Support. Support for Optimized routing Support and incorporation into 3D Model.
  • Composite Services Drawings (CSD) From Clash Free Model
    • Customer specific scale with ISO Standard Drawing Size
  • Shop Drawings / Fabrication Drawings (Single Services Drawings = SSD)
    • HVAC Ducting & Equipment Layout
    • Piping & Equipment Layout with Section Details
    • Fire Fighting System Layout
    • Lighting & Conduit layout
    • Cable Tray layout with Section Details
    • Spool Drawings
    • Sleeve Drawings
    • Builders Work Drawing
  • Drainage, water supply, Ran water layout with sectional details