BIM Services

On-Site BIM Coordination

SteelTech understands various BIM work execution requirement based on project and clients’ specific requirements as well as limitation. While we support any project at any location from our Indian BIM Production office, we ensure to depute onsite BIM Coordinator as and when required based on project and client requirement.

SteelTech support below options
  • SteelTech’s “in-house” Project Manager/Coordinator effectively conducted using web-based collaboration tools, saving time and money for all involved. Our BIM Coordinator can lead, guide coordination meetings
  • Wherever our client needs personal presence of our BIM Coordinator, we Depute our BIM coordinator at project site office / design office. Such deputation helps to increase level of communication and overall efficiency that helps in seamlessly running BIM process. These deputations are done monthly basis or longer time. As and when required at critical stage/requirement few weeks or days site visits are also carried out.

Our deputed BIM Coordinator and our In-house India based BIM team works in synchronization and delivers highest level of efficiency, accuracy and schedule optimization.

SteelTech’s Client/Project Specific Team Offering at our INDIA Office (Outsourced BIM Team)

SteelTech provides dedicated team for worldwide companies for Architecture, Structural, MEP Modelling and documentations and rest coordination services from our India office. Utilizing such team, our client has numerous advantages and benefits such as,

  • Fixed monthly cost without overheads or other hidden fees.
  • Significantly reduced costs when compared to on-site teams.
  • Highly skilled and competent resources, including qualified architects and engineers.
  • Control over resources and all processes including selection and ongoing training.
  • Option to have a team working on an overlapping time zone or even within your own time zone.
  • Ability to scale up team size with moderate ease as and when required.
  • Dedicated environment which can be branded within our offices.
  • Dedicated communication tools and techniques put in place for productive collaboration.
  • Dedicated information security and storage controls such as a dedicated server with backups provided if required.
  • Convenience to regularly manage projects and update status reports.

SteelTech’s international clients have truly experienced that utilizing an India-based team of offshore BIM Modellers, Coordinators, Managers, Estimators and Drawing technicians offers