Welcome to SteelTech


Our BIM team is composed of some of BIM product researcher, developers, modellers, structural and MEP-HVAC Engineers and modellers who has worked on many more international and domestic prestigious projects.

At SteelTech we truly imply our innovativeness in BIM deployment in various aspects of our services deliverables, modules and BIM solutions to our customers. BIM has real time potential to change the face of the global construction industry thus innovative approach becomes need of time. The advancement of BIM technology is revolutionising traditional service provision, by allowing clients, consultants and contractors to work together both collaboratively and “virtually” thereby providing enormous benefits to the industry sector.

We look forward to innovatively bring significant efficiencies in project design, cost, procurement and build. We truly believe that finally these innovative efforts will bring considerable direct and indirect saving in cost and time, with making entire construction process efficient and seamless.