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Security & Confidentiality Policy

Security and confidentiality is one of our prime concerns and same is being addressed at SteelTech with all professional values.

Confidentiality Policy
  • All data provided by the client is considered and kept confidential records and it always belongs to our respective client.
  • Our company and staff agree that no information regarding the project provided by the client will be disclosed to any third party, without the prior consent of the client. We do enter into official NDA with most of our customers.
  • We do not reproduce any of clients document in any form as it is confidential and proprietary information of our client.
Security Policy
  • Our in-house network is highly protected thus firewalls and antivirus software’s as well as hardware, which is always updated.
  • Only authorized person can access the official documents, hardware and software. Data storage devices such as CD, DVD, Flash drive, Floppy etc. are not allowed inside the office without the permission of the authorized person.
  • Employees are under NDA clauses, which is part of their employee agreement.
  • Only system administrator can access servers with permission of senior management personnel.

SteelTech is fully committed to protect our clients security and confidentially all the time.