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Welding and quality control – EN1090

Steel Manager handles quality control requirements.  Most important quality item is the follow up of the weld quality.  The weld module handles:

  • Welder and weld certificates management
  • Weld test methods and Weld Procedure Specification (WPS)
  • Weld registration
  • Weld verification
  • Weld repair registration and verification
  • Input of registrations and verifications manual or by barcode registration
  • Reporting can be customized using Crystal Report© or Microsoft Reporting Services ©

EN1090 imposes other requirements with regard to the implementation. Punching, drilling and cutting also have to meet specific requirements. Steel Manager also includes various provisions for this: a specific geometric inspection in accordance with EN1090 conditions and indicates any non-conformity in the production process. Typical examples are: inspection of punch holes, which are not always permitted under all circumstances, or adhering to minimum values when cutting materials.