BIM Services

BIM BOQ for Tendering

SteelTech have tested, used and implemented advanced BIM Based BOQ software’s including authoring software’s such as Revit, ArchiCAD and Tekla Structures. Because of the leading edge development work, SteelTech BIM is well placed to share the practical experiences and knowledge with clients and partners.
SteelTech has delivered “Tender BOQ” for multiple domestic and international projects, which includes school, stadiums, hotels, hospitals, residential, commercial and infrastructure projects. SteelTech uses initial drawings released by Architects and develop integrated 3D Model. At this point of time multiple assumptions are made. However unlike traditional process, BIM produced intense visualization thus the assumptions made can be verified instantly reducing any impact on BOQ. This ensures BOQ accuracy is assured reducing the risks of tendering and pricing errors that can lead to expensive claims down the line. Reduced confrontation caused by design clashes and pre-construction errors is a leading government target for reducing project costs by 15%-20%.
Currently, designer’s 3D models are rarely suitable for full BIM compliant take-off. We can create 3D models from 2D drawings or adapt architects 3D models to allow for work breakdown structuring to an agreed SMM format. This can often be completed within the time constraints of tendering deadlines. SMM data (Standard Method of Measurement) generated for BOQ production enables BIM data to be used by sub-contractors for tendering as well as onsite teams for contract administration. The upfront effort is similar to a typical BOQ production, but the downstream savings in time and improved accuracy can be invaluable to project teams.