BIM Services

Project Cost Management

We control and manage cost at all stages of a project. Our cost management services include cost control, tender documentation, risk and value management and IT. We incorporate change management procedures into project procurement to allow full cost control and to enable informed, timely decisions to be made. Cost management is one of the core services delivered by our integrated project and program management consultancy.

BIM Based Cost Management Process Involves
  • Publish BIM models from Autodesk Revit®, Tekla Structures®, Graphisoft ArchiCAD®, AutoCAD MEP®, and AutoCAD Architecture®. Manage model versions. Define the takeoff items creation method. Filter the required data. Explore an integrated whole-project model. Bring in additional estimating and scheduling data with Excel Import. Determine what information has changed since the last meeting with Compare & Update. Generate constructability analysis reports, quantity takeoff reports, cost plan reports, etc.
  • Gradually plan the cost of a construction project from “idea” to “pre-construction”. Rapidly Create cost plan iterations based on either manual input or BIM-based quantity takeoff. Visually compare any cost plan version with an earlier assumption. Replace average cost per square foot with more detailed Uniformat or CSI Masterformat line items. Quantify, visually identify, and present the cost variances that constantly threaten to create a budget overrun
Unique BIM Estimation and Costing Process
  • Create 3D Models for all building trades
  • Filter and classify model-based quantities
  • Get highly accurate construction-oriented quantity take offs
  • Flexibly organize the quantities take off the way you want it
  • Extract location-based quantities from BIM models
  • Flexibly organize the quantities take off the way you want it
  • Generate quantity take off reports, update for variance reports
  • Explore What-If Scenarios. Evaluate Construction Costs

  • Evolve project cost from concept to detailed design
  • Receive visual feedback on cost items using the model
  • Assure day-one productivity with Excel-like functionality
  • Receive visual feedback on cost items and cost issues in the 3Dmodel
  • Visualize the project’s cost structure using the Cost Planner data
  • Quickly identify and analyse cost variances and track changes
  • Compare Cost Plan versions. Improve team communication

The combination of BIM and integrated software solutions can enable delivery of benefits of up to 30% across the construction supply chain. Construction clients need to be convinced that the industry can deliver these savings and are starting to specify BIM deliverables. Delivering the benefits requires a number of key success factors including teamwork, enthusiasm, adaptability, standards and of course, the integrated solution itself. Solutions are applicable across the supply chain from owners to contractors.