BIM Services

Clash Resolution & Incorporation into model for “To Be Built Model”

The process of clash detection & clash removal is intended to finally produce “To Be Built” model after incorporating the changes (Coordination process results) into 3D model. In other words, it is process of producing coordinated 3D model.

Our MEPF Coordinated Model making process involves:

Incorporate the resolutions into model and develop “Integrated” and “To Be Built Model” / Constructability Review Process >> Develop Coordinated Model

  • Incorporate “all” sought/planned resolutions made in “Architectural + Structural + MEP + HVAC+ FF” trade into 3D Model.
  • Use Clash Resolution Reports (CRR) / Constructability Reviews based on sought/planned “Resolution” to be used by project and site team along with rest project stakeholders.
  • Develop complete record of coordination and resolution process for further site usage. Develop completely “Integrated” and “To Be Built Model” to be used at “Site”
SteelTech Provides following unique MEP-HVAC Services
  • 3D MEP ( Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) Modeling
  • Clash Detection & Resolution Services
    • CDR Reports (Project team’s review, Approvals and incorporation in model). Model based resolution (For discrepancies).
    • Project Coordination Support. Support for Optimized routing Support and incorporation into 3D Model.
  • Composite Services Drawings (CSD) From Clash Free Model
    • Customer specific scale with ISO Standard Drawing Size
  • Shop Drawings / Fabrication Drawings (Single Services Drawings = SSD)
    • HVAC Ducting & Equipment Layout
    • Piping & Equipment Layout with Section Details
    • Fire Fighting System Layout
    • Lighting & Conduit layout
    • Cable Tray layout with Section Details
    • Spool Drawings, Sleeve Drawings,
    • Builders Work Drawing